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St. John’s River Showdown Part Two

More behind the scenes from Palatka, FL through db’s lens.

Another of my adopted sons on the trail…JTodd Tucker…this is going to be his year…I’m confident, and I can feel he is confident as well.

                                         Paul Elias…one of my roommates…and a very funny guy.


                              Launch on the St Johns…my favorite part of the whole shindig.


                              We all need to take the time to see the beauty around us.


My other roommate, Shaw Grigsby…and that’s how he looks most of the time…smiling, or laughing. Got to love that.


                                 And this is what it looks like to have a very good day on the water.


                                                      Give thanks my friends, give thanks.


                                                      Dinosaur eyes in the campground.


And none of this, not a thing we enjoy, would be possible without this and all of those who have given their lives….for us.