12 Year Old Catches Record Fish from Northwestern Montana Reservoir

In Trout Creek, Montana, a 12-year-old boy has achieved a remarkable feat in fishing, setting a new state record.

Wade Merschat landed a 6.72-pound largescale sucker using a nightcrawler at Noxon Reservoir in Sanders County on June 19th.

Measuring 25.25 inches in length, the fish surpassed the typical maximum size for largescale suckers in Montana, which is usually under 5 pounds.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks biologists confirmed and certified Wade’s achievement as the new state record on July 1st.

The largescale sucker, native to Montana’s western drainage, adds to the diverse aquatic life in the state, where suckers rank as the third-largest family of fish with nine species, following minnows and salmonids (trout).