Zoom Releases 3 New Baits

As we enter into the summer bass fishing months, Zoom Bait Company has announced the release of three new bait variations. Below you will find pictures and descriptions of each addition.

Zoom Adds Magnum Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw

Zoom Bait Company’s Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw has long been both a superstar and a utility player in the world of bass fishing. It may be compact, but over the years it has produced many big catches as a flipping bait, a Carolina Rig offering, and as the trailer for various kinds of jigs. Now, responding to popular demand and the requests of the Zoom pro staff, the company hereby introduces the Magnum Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw, a larger model with the same basic proportions.

“The original is one of the best baits Zoom has ever made,” said Bass Pro Tour competitor and 2013 Forrest Wood Cup Champion, Randall Tharp. “I’ve been hounding them constantly for the past three years to produce something bigger and this is it. It fills a void for me as an angler.”

Indeed, Tharp has long dreamed of flipping the Mag version, which is over 20% larger than the original, into deep grass or thick laydowns. “Give me one flipping bait and this is it,” he said. “But it’s every bit as versatile as the smaller one, maybe more versatile.”

This new offering joins other “Mag” plastics in Zoom’s lineup, including the Mag Finesse worm, Magnum Shakey Head Worm, Magnum Swamp Crawler, Magnum Trick Worm and Magnum Ultra-Vibe Speed Worm. When fish are chasing larger prey, all of them will help you put bigger bass in the boat.

The Mag Ultra-Vibe Speed Craw will initially come in 8 of Zoom’s proven colors to meet a wide variety of water colors and forage bases. It will soon be available at leading tackle stores and online retailers.

Zoom’s Versatile U-Tale Grows Up

Zoom Bait Company’s U-Tale Worm may be the most universally beloved soft plastic worm on the planet, responsible for novices’ first fish and high-level tournament wins alike. There are times, though, when fish want that same action in a slightly bigger package and for that reason Zoom is introducing the Mag U-Tale, a 7 ½-inch model that features the same U-shaped backside in a package just about an inch longer.

While Zoom has endeavored over the years to provide a wide range of soft plastic shapes and sizes, popular demand for “Mag” versions of popular lures like the Ultravibe Speed Craw, Ultravibe Speed Worm, and U-Tale has grown as America’s fisheries have flourished.

Two-time Bassmaster Angler of the Year Gerald Swindle has been testing the new larger U-Tale out on Lake Guntersville’s offshore structure, and has found it to be the perfect middle note for when the Ol’ Monster’s profile is slightly too big, but the regular U-Tale attracts too much attention from the lake’s smaller specimens.

“To me, it’s the perfect size for just getting bites,” he explained. That may be on a Texas Rig, a Carolina Rig, a magnum shakey head or even a Tokyo Rig, depending on the circumstances at hand. Indeed, the veteran Alabama pro believes that it is versatile enough to be used on spinning tackle and light line as well as on heavy flipping gear and braid. Its uses are limited only by your imagination.

The Magnum U-Tale Worm will initially come in 11 of Zoom’s proven colors to meet a wide variety of water colors and forage bases. It will soon be available at leading tackle stores and online retailers.

Zoom’s New Midsize Brush Hog

Zoom Bait Company’s Brush Hog, the original and still the most popular creature bait on the planet have traditionally come in Tiny, Baby, and Standard sizes. For some situations, however, the Baby is a bit small and the Standard is just a bit too large. For that reason, Zoom is releasing a new Mid-Size Brush Hog to split the difference.

The Baby Brush hog is really good, but in certain situations, you need it a bit bigger,” says Zoom Pro Andy Morgan. “This new size will really fit the bill as an ‘all-around’ version that I will always carry with me.”

It’ll have the same proportions and action as both its little brother and big brother, just in an in-between size that’ll attract both numbers of tournament-sized fish and the kicker you need to seal the deal. Don’t just flip it – it excels on a magnum shakey head, on the back of a jig, and on offshore structure as well, and it will come in eight of Zoom’s proven colors.