UPLOADED: The Online Fishing Series Launches

UPLOADED offers a whole new take on competitive bass fishing, but the concept is simple. Fish. Film. Win! 

Grab your camera, head out to your local body of water, film your catch from cast-to-catch using one of our sponsors’ products and then upload your video for a shot at over $100,000 in prizes including a brand new bass boat to be given away to the Video of the Year in October. 

In The Online Fishing Series, all water is open to competition as long as you have permission to fish said water and you are in no way breaking the law. Fish from the boat, from the bank or anywhere in between. 

Each UPLOADED Fishing Open, a total of 6 Opens, lasts for one month from April until September. Each Open has multiple categories. UploadedFishing.com will select the Top 10 videos from each category and then put those 10 fish catches up for a public vote to determine the winner from each category. 

That’s right. This isn’t a weight-based series. The bigger the bass the better, but this series is more about capturing a moment on the water. About creating a great edit. Telling a story with your submission. So get out there and have fun with it! 

For more information or to participate, go to UploadedFishing.com