25 Cool Fishing Photos from Wired2fish Fans

We recently made a post on our Facebook page asking our followers to post their favorite fishing photos of the past year. We were blown away with over 1,700 pictures and we loved getting to see all of your special catches and memories. We wanted to put together a piece with some of our favorite replies from that post. While we can’t include all of them, we’re thinking of making this a fairly regular series in the near future so please keep submitting your best photos and you might see yourself on Wired2fish! We have really enjoyed putting this together.

Thank you all for hanging out with us and in the meantime, enjoy these awesome fishing photos!

big bass catches

James Francis

“All North Dakota largemouth for 2021”

two young fishermen holding smallmouth bass

Tyler White

“My son and his partner at the TN Bass Nation JuniorTrail on Center Hill Lake.”

Chris Funk

“Camping and fishing the Okefenokee.”

man fishing

Carla Medina

“My father. The best fisherman in the world. RIP Dad.”

fisherman holding largemouth bass

Bill Kordt

“Pops sporting the Jimmy Houston ‘do. Lol”

marlin jumping next to fishing boat

Andrew Wilson

“That’s me face-to-face with a blue marlin.”

collage of bass fishing catches

Chris Thomas

“2021 was great!”

angler holding a bass

Darren Ferrua

“My wife (not wife at the time of pic) catching her first fish ever!”

kayak next to a river

Robert Pratt

“Snake River in Jackson, Wyoming.”

angler holding big largemouth bass

Duane Mahaffey

angler holding big bass

Mariana Ley

fish jumping next to boat

Ryan Gregory

young angler holding big smallmouth bass

Craig Allen

angler holding big bass

Michael Walker

young angler holding big bass

Jon NW

two anglers holding fish

Ryan Thompson

angler holding two big bass

Rick White

man holding walleye with his two children

Mike Melby

angler catching largemouth bass from kayak

Robert Clobes

angler holding a big bass

Brian Brentzel

funny fishing photo

Chris Carter

man excited after catching big bass

Dave McKinney

angler holding up a crappie

Ethan Cargill

fisherman casting from a kayak

Hayden Hall

two anglers holding a largemouth bass on a dock

Bud Staton

“My son and grandsons. Proud dad moment.”