Saudi Investors to Create New Fishing Tournament League

In a similar fashion to LIV Golf, a group of investors from Saudi Arabia are putting forward plans to launch a premier bass fishing tournament league with extremely big payouts. This has several anglers considering a big move. The money will be provide by the Saudi Public Investment Fund which is trying to broaden its economic dependence on oil. The league is said to be a “no-electronics league.” And they want to lure the very best anglers in fishing to the league with incentive deals.

The Saudi Public Investment Fund is a government-controlled fund that has $650 billion in assets under management, rapidly heading to $1 trillion. A state-owned investment fund like the PIF is quite common and this one is said to be the 7th largest in the world.

To see the full list of anglers moving to the new league, follow this link.

To see more details on the league and payouts, follow this link.