April Fools Joke


Hopefully you can appreciate a little Garmin Livescope joking around on April Fool’s Day.

Livescope is not going anywhere. It’s simply a tool that is teaching anglers more about fish behavior at a much more rapid pace than ever in the history of fishing. So we can never fault new technology for helping us expand our knowledge and abilities in fishing. While we do need to be careful on smaller bodies of water of overharvesting with increased precision and methodology in fishing. Most large reservoirs will still have the same old problems of siltation, illegal stocking of incompatible species, water fluctuations during the spawn, and other nuisances to deal with. Livescope is generally not going to result in over-harvesting on big public waters. Lakes like Grenada continue to prove that. And more big crappie and bass die of old age than do harvesting on these large reservoirs.

So for now, enjoy a little light-hearted fun. See if you can dupe your fishing buddies by sharing the original post!