Poor Boys Dye…good stuff

Wired Tip for Today:
Adding dye to a lure can change everything. A smiggin of orange on the belly…3 pounder. Tipping pinchers with chartruese….another 3 pounder. Give us anything that helps put more fish in the boat and we are all over it.

The new Poor Boys Dipping Dye is some good stuff. We have been testing it for a couple of months now, and we really like it. It is very manageable, easy to use,  comes in a glass bottle and seems brighter too. The chartruese looks like it has a light in it.  It is  scentless and holds color even in bright sunlight. We have tested it on all kinds of plastic and we recommend giving it a try.
It comes in six colors including  Green Pumpkin Lure Dye, Watermelon Lure Dye, Chartreuse Lure Dye, Orange Lure Dye, Red Lure Dye, Black Lure Dye.
To learn more about the dye or the great Poor Boys Baits click here.