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As with many anglers we have our favorite hooks. Sometimes it based on price and availability but most of the time its about effectiveness. Here at Wired2Fish we get to see them all and premium companies like Laser Trokar, Mustad and Gamakatsu received high marks in just about every category. We have been testing some trebles in recent weeks and got hooked up with BasStar SpinTech through our friendship with Elite Series pro’s Dave Wolak and Clark Reehm. Sometimes you have to cut out the chaff to get to the wheat with pro anglers but not with these two. They are as straight as they come and we have found their recommendations as good as gold numerous times. When they got excited about SpinTech we had to take a look at them.

For those that don’t know SpinTech is a treble hook that rotates on a specially designed shaft. They have chemically sharpened points and changing them out is tough duty because they are super sharp and they move. Make sure you use split ring pliers for this job.

Once on the bait we had to test them. We have spent the last 3 weeks using them and to be honest have yet to lose a fish. We have changed them out on the Little John DD, the Bomber Fat Free Shad, and the Rapala DT 20 and have caught bass on all of them. The secret to the rotation is the bass cannot get leverage. Many times the static style hook will turn into the bait and give the bass leverage to pull free but not with the SpinTech’s. They simply rotate.

When crankbait fishing, much like frog fishing, you expect to lose a few. KVD spent years with Mustad on the KVD Elite Trebles to eliminate the same problem. Two different viewpoints accomplishing the same thing. Mustad shortened the shank and beefed the hook up to eliminate flex and SpinTech built a different mousetrap. They both are equally effective.

Deep cranking is a different animal. Teamed with the right rod and reel and light line the baits tested dove to 20 foot or so. Hard to feel the cover at times but that mushy heavy feel we were looking for was easy to detect. The SpinTech hooks actually made catching the deep water bass easier. You could allow the fish to wear himself down a bit without worry of losing them and each and every caught bass was hooked well. We felt we had better control of the fish with these hooks.

We recommend the SpinTech Trebles and think they are indeed a better mousetrap. They can be purchased in all sizes but we have used the size 1 and 2 on the aforementioned crankbaits.

SpinTech is not a gimmick and work as advertised and we recommend Wired readers giving them a chance. We think you will like them.

They can be purchased at Tackle Warehouse by clicking here. They come 4 in a package and cost $6.74 per pack.

You can learn more about BasStar by clicking here.

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