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New Swim Jig

Santone Lures just released their new Sam Rayburn Swim Jig. The Sam Rayburn Swim Jig’s unique design was a joint effort between independent lure designer Brian Branum, professional bass angler Chris McCall and the owners of Santone lures. Anglers and fans outside of Texas may be familiar with Santone Lures through Matt Herren who is sponsored by Santone on the Bassmaster Elite Series trail and who uses their jigs exclusively on tour.

“Although it was designed especially for fishing in east Texas lakes with a solid 5/0 hook, multi-color weed guard, trailer keeper and premium color finish; an angler can easily fish it anywhere and on any reservoir,” McCall said.
The Sam Rayburn Swim Jig has a flat-on-the-bottom head with a slight concave section, 3D Eyes, one-of-a-kind trailer keeper and the exclusive “Center Eye Technology” – Forcing the eyes of the bait back on the bait to give the bass an identifiable target near the hook. It was design to go over and through obstacles or cover without getting snagged.To order or for more information on the new Sam Rayburn Swim Jig visit or call (903)285-0648.

 Photo courtesy of Brad Wiegmann Outdoors