Lund Releases 2017 2075 Pro-V Bass Boat

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Video by Ryan DeChaine, Producer

I’m a pure-blooded southern outdoorsman. Since before I could walk, I spent countless hours learning the intricacies of fishing from the back of a bass boat. I didn’t go to the park, the arcade or the movies; I went fishing because it’s all I knew. This lifelong passion-turned-career has allowed me to fish from and operate nearly every bass boat on the market.

Except for one: The Lund 2075 Pro V Bass.

I had the opportunity to remedy this situation and make the long trek to northern Minnesota this summer to learn more about this highly touted bass fishing boat. I spent a week going over each and every design aspect while also pushing it to its mechanical and structural limits. It was my sole mission to determine its worthiness for diehard tournament and recreational bass anglers around the country.

My findings were quite simple. The 2017 Lund 2075 Pro V Bass deserves to be on every avid fisherman’s radar. It takes a lot to impress me in regards to fishing boats, but this particular series left a lasting impression.

The basics

There are two available models in this particular series: The Pro V Bass and the Pro V Bass XS. While both aluminum boats measure 20 feet, 10 inches, hold 45 gallons of fuel, feature a 28-gallon aft livewell and are rated for a hefty 250-horsepower motor, the primary difference between the two is found in the seating options.

The 2075 Pro V Bass is most familiar for southern bass anglers like myself. It comes standard with bench seating and spacious under-seat storage for tournament fishing essentials such as cull beams, measuring boards or even an extra trolling motor. The seats are extremely comfortable with plentiful padding for rough water and they look great, too.

This model also features an aft pop-up tackle storage system to keep your lesser-used, “just in case” tackle. Instead of cluttering the front compartments with gear you may not need, this innovative system keeps your most-used and pertinent tackle close to the casting deck, eliminating unnecessary clutter.

The 2075 Pro V Bass XS, on the other hand, features pedestal seating. It offers both the driver and passengers an impressive amount of space while maintaining large casting decks for serious tournament anglers. With two fold-up seats integrated into the back casting deck, it’s an incredibly comfortable boat and would be perfect for guiding, family fishing, tournament fishing or even leisure boating with friends and family.


Rods, reels and fishing tackle are just like a mechanic’s tools; each combination has a specific purpose and application. That’s exactly why it’s important to have a boat that can conveniently hold all of our gear.

The vast storage of the 2017 2075 Pro V Bass is remarkable. Our entire crew was amazed by how much gear you can fit into these boats. It features enormous front compartments that can store everything you could possibly need for either a big multi-day tournament or a day of leisure fishing.

The rod storage is located in the center compartment and can hold 15 rods total: five 10-foot rods, five 9 1/2-foot rods and five 8-foot rods. The internal rod tubes keep your rods organized and safe from boat rash and line guide damage, while also ensuring they won’t be bent in storage. Underneath the rod storage, you’ll find plenty of room for tackle trays, soft-plastic dye and other bass fishing necessities.

The port and starboard front storage compartments are unbelievably deep and can be used to store bulk soft plastics, outerwear, snacks or even toys, beach towels and large storage bags when you take your family out. While filming this walkthrough video, we were even able to store our large drone in these compartments when it started raining.

Bass anglers will also appreciate the small quick-access compartments located on either side of the recessed trolling motor pedal tray. If the bass start eating a particular soft-plastic or hard bait, you can keep them close to you at all times. When it comes time to re-rig or make a quick color adjustment, you can do so quickly while maintaining your boat position with ease.

Staying consistent with the needs of serious bass anglers, Lund also designed the 2075 Pro V Bass with on-deck rod storage for on-the-go adjustments throughout the day. You’re able to strap down both the butts and the tips of your rods. I found this to be extremely advantageous in rough-water situations. Bass fishing rods cost a lot of money and this system keeps them pinned to the carpet with no bouncing or thrashing around to speak of.

Located next to the passenger seat, you’ll find a port cubby storage that’s quite convenient for wallets, snacks, extra spools of line or other smaller items.

In the back of the 2075 Pro V Bass, the storage continues to impress. Both co-anglers and boat owners will enjoy two large storage compartments that offer plenty of space for a full day of co-angling or extra gear.


I fished out of this boat for several hours; not necessarily to catch fish, but rather to test its stationary stability and layout in real-world fishing situations. It looked great on the trailer, but it’s all for nothing unless it fishes comfortably.

The oversized casting deck is a luxury that, to be honest, spoiled me a bit. I shared the front deck with three other full-grown men— a total of three anglers—and had plenty of room to make long casts, execute effective hooksets and re-rig without getting in anyone’s way.

As we moved back and forth picking apart shallow cover, the boat was one of the more stable boats I’ve ever fished from. It didn’t seem to matter whether our weight was distributed evenly or we were all on one side of the deck; the 2075 Pro V Bass had very little movement.

This also proved to be a very quiet boat. I was wearing heavy boots throughout my testing and still managed to catch bass in shallow, clear water. Stealth is a huge deal when bass fishing and this boat allowed me to target skiddish bass with excellent success.

The back casting deck of the 2075 Pro V Bass might be largest back deck I’ve ever seen on a bass boat. Co-anglers have room to flip, pitch and make long casts without the boater ever knowing they’re there. It will also be convenient on family outings—the kids can play and enjoy the sun while you fish.


I fell in love the moment I drove the 2017 2075 Pro V Bass; it maneuvers and handles exceptionally while its hole shot and acceleration pin you back into your seat. During my trip, I actually called a bunch of my Georgia buddies and told them how remarkable this boat was.

The maneuverability of this boat is second-to-none. I made sharp turns, abrupt avoidance moves and long runs in choppy water and was incredibly impressed. For a 20-foot, 10-inch boat, it handles like a jetski. It won’t skip through corners, the bow doesn’t bounce and porpoise in rough water and it doesn’t have to be “babied” when you drive it. It felt like I was driving a sports car.

Designed with an IPS 2 hull, the 2017 Pro V Bass jumps out of the hole with a 250-horsepower motor and gets on pad quickly and efficiently while the bow drops quickly to allow for maximum visibility and safety.

Once on pad, the bow lift of this hull is nothing short of impressive. It rides very smoothly and both the drivers and passengers feel secure and safe throughout the entire experience. I was able to reach 62 miles per hour quickly while enjoying a butter-smooth ride and pinpoint handling.

I can confidently say that this was one of the most impressive test drives I’ve ever had in a bass boat.


While everyone has different tastes in regards to bass boat aesthetics, the good looks of the 2075 Pro V Bass will appeal to a wide range of anglers. It’s a clean-looking boat with smooth lines, modest, low-key graphics and a beautiful interior; not overdone, but Lund’s trademark attention to detail is very evident in its design.

Anglers will enjoy the customization and flexibility of the optional and removable port console. If you’re fishing by yourself, you can easily remove it, set it in the garage and add some extra space to your boat. When a co-angler joins, you can pop it in and give them some relief from elements such as rain and wind.

Final impressions

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to own this boat. Not only is it practical and good-looking, but it’s one of the best-driving boats you’ll find. It’s insanely responsive, quick, stable and incredibly safe. I’d be darn proud to tow it behind my truck.

Whether you’re a recreational angler, tournament angler or guide, you owe it to yourself to take the 2017 2075 Pro V Bass on a test drive—it’s a true work of art.

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