Lund Announces 2018 Impact and Impact XS

Sleek, black consoles are new with an optional VesselView dash, which gives these boats a sporty look without sacrificing an ounce of functionality. The VesselView unit actual replaces the gauges on the dash and can also be a GPS fish locator or act as a second graph on the console. Recessed controls with storage, optional under-console drawers, and standard port drawer in the SS model allow for undisputable versatility.

The Lund Impact line has a well-proven track record of performance and versatility for fishermen and recreational boaters. With all the new innovative enhancements, this already popular series will fit even more family budgets and fishing or boating needs.

Visit your nearest Lund Dealer for more information, or learn more about the Lund Impact line here. Construct your boat using the Lund Boat Builder site to view available options and receive pricing information.