How to Unhang Crankbaits

Throwing deep diving crankbaits means you will get hung up. Plain and simple…it goes with the territory. Unless you have an endless supply of your favorite bait  or a very large wallet it means figuring out the best way to get them back. There are several ways to attack this problem.
The first and most effective way is not to bury the barb. Once you hit the object let the bait float up  and begin cranking again. Many times, the lip of the bait or the bait itself goes under the stump or rock.  Most deep divers will float, and unless the trebles get hooked into  the object,  this is a great way to get it off. Give it some slack!  Move the  boat to the backside of the hung bait, and with short jerks, it will dislodge usually. This is also an effective way to retrieve Texas Rigged Plastics, Carolina Rigs  and Jigs.
The second method is the slingshot approach. With a tight line bow and the line and the rod in a 1 o’clock position, grab the line above the reel. Pull it out and snap it, allowing it to go slack. This will back the bait off of the object and many times free it. You may have to do it several times to get it to work.
When push comes to shove a lure retriever is your next best chance. I have used an old one called the “Hound Dog” that has a coil, heavy weight and chains. Its not much to look at  but works effectively. I recently got a Bill Dance  Lure Retriever from Pradco, and it’s even better. It looks like a fish with Bill Dance’s hat, and it has chains on the front and back. It also comes with its own reel to retrieve and let line out. The nice thing about it is it stores well, and we have yet to get a bait hung that “Bill” can’t get back. It’s simple too. Run the line through the stainless steel rings attached and slide it down to the lure. Hop it in position on the bait to free the lure.
Note: The chains may grab a hook too if you get hung in rope or other lines. To purchase one, goto  LureNet by clicking here. They retail for $14.95, the cost of one good crankbait, so they are worth the purchase.
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