How to Repair Broken Fishing Rod Tip

Scott talks about why he keeps a rod tip repair kit in his boat and how to quickly and easily repair a broken fishing rod tip with this kit from Berkley.

Video Transcript:  When you’re out fishing odds are from time to time you’re going to break something and more than likely it’s going to be a fishing rod tip. You may step on it you may slam it in a rod locker whatever, this one I happen to break in the rod locker and if you have the right tools with you, you can actually fix it right then and there and what I carry in my tackle box is a little guide tip repair kit and this comes with all the essentials it’s made by Berkley and it has three different sizes of tips so that way if I happen to break a lighter action rod or maybe a heavy action rod I have the appropriate sized tip to put on that rod as well as the cement stick and all that you have to do is heat up the cement stick and apply the glue onto the rod blank and   put the tip on but   I’m going to walk you through   how simple and easy it is to do.  First off, you have to determine which tip works best and this is a smaller tip so that fits on nice so that’s the one that we want to use so at that point remove that tip, set it aside, and then simply take your hot glue stick and just use a little lighter and heat that up about 3-5 seconds or so just so it starts to melt and then simply take it and rub that on the tip of the rod getting glue all the way around it. Then what you want to do is put some glue on the very tip of that new guide you’re going to put on the rod. Get some glue in there and then what I like to do is take the lighter, heat it up, melt that glue a little bit, get that metal tip hot, and take that tip and simply slide it on. Then you want to line it up so it’s in line with the blanks hold it there for 3-5-10 seconds until it doesn’t move anymore and then you can see how it’s lined up. After it cools down a little bit, you can remove some of the excess glue that you have there and you’re good to go. Have a guide tip repair kit in your tackle box the next time you go fishing and if you break a rod tip, no problem, just repair the tip.