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Fisherman Runs Over Other Boat on Lake Norman

A bass boat was caught on video (see below) over the weekend running over another boat on Lake Norman in North Carolina. According to news sources who shared the video this weekend, the bass boat shown in the video “had his view obstructed” and did not see the other boat that was slowly cruising along ahead of him. He then ran over the top of the other boat, ejecting one of the boat’s occupants into the cold waters of Lake Norman. One of the jon boat’s occupants was taken to the hospital and checked for injuries before being released.

Miraculously, no one was injured in this collision. The bass boat operator was charged with reckless / negligent operation by N.C. Division of Wildlife. No names were released.

But it still begs the question of why did the operator of this bass boat not see the other aluminum boat idling along? Why did they not check for boats nearby before they got up on pad (as you can see them do at the start of the clip)? Was the obstruction caused by bow lift while getting on pad? Was the obstruction from something else like a seat or large graphs on the bow? This seems like an easily avoidable situation from the video clip and that one operator should have been able to avoid this.

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More details in the video clip below as well as their report on WSOC-TV.