EGO Expands Product Line in 2013

EGO Expands Product Line in 2013

The EGO brand, developed by Adventure Products, Inc. and well known in the sport fishing landing net market segment as the innovation and value leader, will be extended to additional fishing accessory products in 2013. The introduction of each of news products has been driven by request of the angling market place for specific functionality and/or innovation not available in other similar products. 

The EGO brand will now appear on a series of anodized aluminum measuring boards that have been precisely machined and laser etched down to 1/16″ measurement increments to provide accurate measuring lengths. The boards will be available in three sizes, 18″, 24″ and 34″ to meet the needs of the Bass, Redfish and Walleye markets. Complimentary to the measuring boards will be two available tournament culling beams. The beams have been uniquely designed to provide superior functionality and offer a very efficient way to determine the heaviest fish that should be kept for tournament weigh in purposes. We really like the preciseness of these boards and that they were designed to fit the needs of all types of anglers for both fresh and brackish water applications.

In addition, the company will be introducing two new grip tools that over stainless steel jaws, and an anodized aluminum body with quick trigger action for jaw opening and closing. The two models will offer a 25lb inbuilt scale and a 40lb inbuilt scale respectively and offer innovation and design features not available in other competing products. 

Finally, a new series of weigh slings will be introduced that have been designed to meet the needs of the big game fish markets. The weigh slings are constructed using extremely durable material components, will be available in three sizes; a 38″, 48″ and 60″ and will offer a conservation safe way to get accurate fish weight measures without introducing any damage or stress to the fish. The weigh slings are collapsible and can be easily stored in a smaller boat compartment when not in use. 

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