GSM Outdoors Acquires Mid-America Rod Company

Irving, TX –GSM Outdoors has acquired Mid-America Rod Company, adding the American manufacturer to its growing portfolio of fishing brands. Located in Arkansas, Mid-America Rod Company has been building quality rods since 1976.

“When we decided to enter the rod category, we had a clear vision of offering the highest quality products at the best possible price,” says Crispin Powley, GSM Senior VP of Fishing. “We had an opportunity to get involved with Mid-America Rods and immediately realized their ability to help us attain our goals. Specifically, their history and ability to produce incredible fishing rods that are 100% made in the USA.”

Makers of their signature series Virtus rods, Mid-America also produces OEM rods for a number of other companies. 

“Our goal, which you’ll see come to market soon, is a ‘Made in the USA’ series of Phenix Rods that will utilize Phenix’s signature technology combined with decades of experienced craftmanship and manufacturing from Mid-America,” says Powley. “We also look forward to continuing their longstanding OEM relationships and partnerships.”

For more information on Mid-America Rod Company, find them on Facebook and other social media avenues.  

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