Eco PRO Tungsten Introduces Punch Skirts

Eco PRO Tungsten has introduced new Punch Skirts  and named them  “Honey Badgers. They are built for hard to get at  aggressive punching-style bass. Fish them in the heaviest cover you can find and  they slide through grass quickly adding a  bulky look without adding the bulky weight.  The lead-free X-metal punch slide is durable and adheres well to the silicone skirt material to keep it in place.
Instead of building every color in the rainbow they decided to build their skirts in the best proven natural colors like sapphire pumpkin, green pumpkin, black, brown pumpkin, black blue and black red. They come two to the package and have a neat necktie trailer built in, as well.
Just rig it between your Eco PRO Tungsten weight and  favorite plastic  bait and you are ready to go.
They will be available soon and you can learn more about them by visiting
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