Bass Anglers’ Trucks Set on Fire at Boat Ramp


UPDATE 4/29/20: A GoFundMe has been setup to try to get the decorated officer a replacement truck.

On what should have been a day full of catching big bass on famed Chickamauga Lake quickly turned into an arson investigation at a local boat ramp. Two anglers’ trucks were broken into and set ablaze in broad daylight. Two other vehicles were broken into. A fifth vehicle was stolen.

We spoke with John Amos, a Tennessee deputy sheriff, whose truck was one of two that were burned. He and his fishing buddy launched their boat at Goodfield boat ramp in Meigs county, Tennessee on Monday morning. Just three hours after their fishing trip began, they could hear sirens and see smoke coming from the general vicinity of their boat ramp.

“We had been fishing a few hours and heard all kinds of commotion,” Amos said. “I jokingly looked at my buddy and told him I hoped it wasn’t my rig. But sure enough, it was.”