American Bass Trail Growing in 2024

The American Bass Trail is coming to a lake near you. The American Bass Trail was founded in 2023. It started with five divisions in Illinois. Now in 2024, there are more than 25 divisions in 10 states with more divisions starting every day. The concept is simple. Pay the anglers back. How much? 90%. If a team wins an event, make it substantial.

“Blake Jackson, the owner, has a vision to make this the biggest team trail in the country,” Luke Estel said. “He is young and has a lot of drive. We started this circuit to reward the anglers, not to get rich. We all have full time jobs and we are doing this for the fishermen. We realized that being open, honest, and most importantly, transparent is the key to making this trail a success.

“Our payout chart is posted on the website for everyone to see. Ninety percent goes back to the fishermen and 5% goes to each tournament director for running the event, and 5% back to ABT for administration. For example, in a small 20 boat event, first place will receive over $2,000. In a 60 boat event, first place is more than $5,000.00.

“There are a lot of great tournament trails out there and we are just giving the fishermen another option to win some good money. We are growing fast and will continue to expand throughout the country. Please check out our website to see if we have a division on your home lake. If not and you are wanting to start one, please reach out to us. We look forward to having a great 2024 season.”

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