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All-Terrain Swim Jigs

All-Terrain owner Steve Hauge believes building the best products takes perfection. He talks to the best jig fishermen in the business on a regular basis like Todd Faircloth, Scott Martin, and Jim Moynaugh and he listens to what they tell him.
He also researches what works regionally and designs his baits accordingly. Whether fishing rocky points or matted grass Hauge has a jig that has been perfected for those conditions.
As part of his arsenal Hauge has a big bass swim jig that is second to none. Originally an Upper Midwest go-to bait the swim jig has gained notoriety in recent years all across the country and the painstaking attention to detail has made the All-Terrain Swim Jig as one of the best.
A uniquely shaped head designed with 3D eyes and fins molded into the lead serve as a keel. A great silicone skirt with long strands, ultra fine weedguard perfect for hook sets and a perfectly matched twin tail trailer makes this jig  ready to go right out of the package. The Mustad Ultra Point round bend hook is positioned perfectly in the center of the head so no rolling occurs. The line tie sits in the nose of the bait horizontially. The twin tail grub, another Hauge creation, matches the jig like a glove and adds balance and life to the bait.
Fished deep by slow rolling with subtle/gradual hops or fishing it near the top much like a spinnerbait the All-Terrain Swim Jig is a versatile product that Mississippi River jig perfectionists have given their seal of approval on.
The Inside Scoop
The All-Terrain Big Bass Swim Jig comes in 3 sizes, 1/4, 5/16, and 1/2 ounce versions.
It comes in 9 colors. Black/Brown Amber, White Chart., Black/Blue, FireTiger, Texas Craw, White Baitfish, Bluegill, Green Pumpkin, Bleeding Shad and Golden Shiner.
They cost $3.29 each and can be purchased here.