18-pound Bass Caught in California

A 10-pound bass is a darn big fish; it’s somewhat of a benchmark for a trophy-class bass. Now take that 10-pounder and add an additional 8 pounds to it. Now you’re talking about a world-class bass.

Kevin Miranda of Sacramento, Calif. became one of the few anglers on earth to catch a largemouth bass of this size when he caught an 18.17-pound bass from Lake Camanche near the Little Hat Island area. After an expert net job from his buddy Thomas Ferreira, the anglers took the behemoth’s measurements and knew they had done something special. The bass was a whopping 31 inches-long with a 24-inch girth!

The bass was caught on a River2Sea S-110 V-Joint Crankbait. Great job, Kevin and Thomas!


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