Fishing the Tiny Child Rig | What it Looks Like Underwater

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When it comes to rigging soft plastics for fishing, necessity often sparks innovation. Wired2fish Field Editor Kyle Peterson needed a way to present plastics to fish in log jams on the river, and he combined a Ned rig lure with a reverse Texas rig, Neko rig combination. Basically the top half of the plastic is Texas rigged with a Neko rig weight at the bottom. This enables the rig to slip in and out of cover easily and get to fish in hard to reach scenarios. Some of us call this the reverse rig. But fishing it with Ned rig baits was a new twist.

Dan Quinn at Rapala / VMC filmed with Kyle and saw how incredible it was at catching fish, and he shared it with several pro anglers like Seth Feider and Mike Iaconelli. So you may have seen them talk about the Tiny Child Rig before.

Kyle later discovered through trial and error that not only does it catch everything that swims from walleye, bass, bluegill, crappie, pike and more, but it also can just be cast out and pulled along to effectively catch fish. In fact, it’s so easy even a “tiny child” could catch fish with this rig. And so the rig was born and passed on word of mouth to other accomplished anglers. Now we’re sharing a more detailed look at how Kyle came up with the rig.

Take a look at the rig in the water, and listen as Kyle talks about different options with the rig from plastics, hooks, weights and how and where he likes to fish it. 

Fishing Tackle Used with the Tiny Child Rig: