5 Tips for Neko Rigging Prespawn Bass

A Neko rig is a deadly finesse tactic for bass year-round but is often overlooked during the prespawn months. Professional bass angler Cody Meyer shares some tips on how to target prespawn bass with a Neko rig. Being from California, Meyer is a lifelong finesse angler, and the Neko rig is one of his sure-fire confidence rigs. He explains everything from building the ideal Neko rig to the perfect rod and reel setup for this tactic.


Fishing a Neko rig starts with having the correct rod and reel setup. Using a rod with a soft tip enhances accurate casting while a stout backbone supports fighting fish and keeping ’em pinned. When it comes to tackle, using the lightest weight possible in conjunction with an o-ring increases hooking and landing percentage. Lastly, Meyer explains why working the bait from deep to shallow reduces spooking when targeting dock bass and leads to more bites throughout the day.

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