Catch Loads of Bass on Neko-Rigged Crawfish Plastics

Neko rigging crawfish soft plastics for bass is a phenomenal way to generate bites pretty much anytime. Bass can’t resist the tantalizing action of a plastic crawfish drug across the bottom, and as Wired2fish’s Ryan DeChaine notes, rigging and fishing it is easy.

Although most creature/crawfish plastics will work, DeChaine discusses why he prefers mid-sized to smaller baits with floating craws such as the Yamamoto PsychoDad. A medium power spinning rod paired with a braided mainline and fluorocarbon leader get the nod for casting ability, sensitivity and power for handling fish around grass.

This setup requires you to fish slow, so it excels in known fish-holding areas. DeChaine walks us through how he leverages his fish finder’s side imaging and custom mapping to precisely fish productive areas.



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