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Ned Rig Basics with Ott DeFoe

The Ned rig has risen to the top of finesse fishing all-time greats for its nationwide bass-catching ability (simplicity and affordability are pluses!). Just ask Major League Fishing competitor and Bassmaster Classic Champion Ott DeFoe (on YouTube). He instructs how to fish the Ned rig, starting with a standard cast and retrieve, then his go-to rigging (jig and plastic) and rod setup.


And while the Ned rig is simplicity defined, paying attention to the details increases success. DeFoe discusses the importance of choosing the correct jig head, emphasizing matching weight and shape to the conditions. And while simple in profile, stickbaits should be sized-matched to the situation to the simple snip of pliers.

This legendary garage lure designer would rather have a crankbait in hand but always has a Ned rig at the ready with money on the line. Check out our Ned Rig Channel for more informative content.