Kayak Fishing for Walleyes with Jigs and Plastics

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Many anglers believe catching walleyes means dragging around live bait in hopes of encountering a school. Wired2fish’s McKeon Roberts challenges this by showcasing his offense-focused walleye system using a responsive pedal kayak and a snap jig with plastics. Yes, walleyes can be aggressive, veracious feeders with predatory instincts, and playing on those instincts can outperform live or dead bait.

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Roberts starts the process by pedaling around, searching for prime walleye locations such as main lake humps, weed edges, and current seams around islands and narrows. He activates AutoChart Live on his Humminbird HELIX to create custom HD maps of the structure while laying down waypoints and tracks for bookmarking spots and safe navigation.

Reaction-style baits come in many forms, but few are more versatile than a snap jig. A snap jig consists of a single hook jig head with a fin that allows it to sink fast but hang in the water longer with quick rod snaps — similar to wings on a glider. A scented, slim profile forked-tail plastic pairs excellently with a snap jig, as it provides scent and profile attraction without hindering the action.

Roberts loves a stable and maneuverable pedal kayak with an instantaneous reverse system, which excels at boat control in wind and current situations. Utilizing the pedal system allows him to hover, which helps to stay off the fish and make accurate casts.

A high gear ratio spinning reel is handy for picking up slack while fighting the fish from a kayak. Roberts opts for a stiff but sensitive medium power, fast action rod equipped with a braided — this setup helps prevent fatigue and allows for maximum feel of bottom contact and strikes.