How to Custom Map Ponds With a Kayak

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New to the fishing kayak scene, Walker Smith is beginning to quickly realize the versatility and multiple options it affords anglers. With tools like Humminbird AutoChart Live, anglers can actually create customized contour maps of their favorite honey holes. Even if your favorite body of water is off the map and no one else knows about it, this technology will help you unleash the full potential of each fishery.

In this video, Walker visits a private lake and discovers loads of subtle depth changes he had never seen before. With a few quick keystrokes on the HELIX 7, he was able to quickly and accurately map a five-acre body of water in just under 15 minutes. The resulting custom map is something he plans to use for decades to come as he works to further improve the fishery. This sort of technology can make kayak fishing a lot more productive for anglers.