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Kayak Bass Fishing Fun in Ultra-Clear Water

Kayak bass fishing in ultra-clear water lakes and rivers is challenging yet extremely rewarding. A calm and hot day set up perfectly for Wired2fish’s McKeon “Keys” Roberts to explore a small ultra-clear lake with his pedal fishing kayak and a few buddies in a canoe. Does it get much better? This video is a little lighter on the talking and plenty heavy of just plain fun fish-catching action using swimbaits and topwater lures.

Clear water lakes require a different approach than bass fishing turbid rivers and lakes. Bass in clear water environments use their keen vision over other senses to feed and avoid threats. Realistic presentations like Ned Rigs excel and long casts can be essential to prevent spooking fish and presenting your lure as naturally as possible.

The crew hit the water when the sun was still high, so Keys went subsurface with a finesse swimbait to target smallmouth in deeper water. And as is typical on most bass fisheries, the onset of the evening (reduced light) drew bass toward the surface, so he pivoted to topwater lures, using a combination of a popper and walking bait to draw explosive strikes from aggressive bass at the end of long casts.

One thing we know for sure. Fishing out of kayaks and canoes has opened our world up to a treasure trove of new fishing opportunities inaccessible to bigger boats. Fishing pressure is typically much lower (better fishing), you get some exercise, and the solitude is tough to beat.

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