Megabass Vision ONETEN+2 Review

Megabass released the deepest of all jerkbaits this fishing season with the new Vision ONETEN +2. This jerkbait is said to reach bass down to 16 feet opening up a world of possibilities. So I was anxious to fish them this season. Unfortunately the first half of the year saw nothing but rainstorm after rainstorm, making for high waters, muddy conditions, flooded cover and so the spring jerkbait bite was impossible. But this fall I got to start using the ONETEN +2 and I’ve been fishing it a bunch now.

Reaching new depths

It really gets down. I’ve fished it on 8-pound line and on a super long cast you can definitely get it down past 15 feet. Fished on 12-pound line it still gets down past 12 feet. So you can really get to new places with this jerkbait.

These lips are sealed

The oversized bill is the not so secret sauce to the new ONETEN+2. It’s much wider than conventional jerkbait bills and a bit longer as well.

Beefed up construction

But it’s an incredibly solid bill. I’ve bounced it off rocks, wood and other hard objects without any issue. It can take a lot of abuse like digging down a bank until it’s gets into open water.

Incredible details and action

The detailing on the ONTEN+2 compares to its predecessors in that it has some of the prettiest and most intricate designs you will find on any jerkbait.

My biggest concern is that it was going to be a muted version of the original ONETEN and ONETEN+1. But it has the same great side to side hard fast darts as the earlier versions. And to me that’s the biggest deal about this jerkbait. Getting a bait that deep but then it having the action that gets bites when it gets there.

Same best-of-class weight transfer

The ONETEN+2 throws really well. It has Megabass’s patented weight transfer system that rolls back on the cast then comes forward and locks in when you dive it down on the retrieve. It weighs 1/2 ounce so you can make long casts with it which is paramount for getting it down to depth.

I like to reel it about 8 cranks to start a retrieve and then I work it like I would any jerkbait with starts and stops.

The ONETEN+2 comes in 20 colorways. Elegy Bone, HT ITO Tennessee Shad, Table Rock SP and Twilight Chart Black are a few of our favorites here at Wired2fish.

Getting bites often in new waters

It’s been a great producer. As the fish have gotten out into 20 feet of water, we’ve been able to call up a bunch of bass over the last couple of months. I’ve really enjoyed having a shallow, mid depth and deep jerkbait on the deck now. You can grab the ONETEN that fits whatever bank you roll up to during the day.

Already a lot of fun catches

I’ve been catching numbers and quality on the ONETEN+2. It will probably end up being my favorite new bait for this winter because it’s reaching fish a lot of other people can’t.

We’ve been working it all over the country

The guys up in Minnesota got into the bass good this fall when they grouped up deep just before the lakes started icing over. So it’s proving itself in a lot of situations and places for us. Like I said, it will be a welcome addition to have a jerk that dances down in 15 feet of water.

Opens up more than just shallow winter patterns

It’s not just for wintertime icy waters. It will work anytime you need something erratic at depth.

You can find the Megabass Vision ONETEN+2 at most retailers that carry Megabass including:


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