Megabass Vision Oneten Jerkbait Review

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If you know anything about jerkbait fishing then you know about the Megabass Vision Oneten. This jerkbait is widely known as one of the most popular jerk baits of all time. When this bait was released in the United States it took the the fishing industry by storm, making it nearly impossible to get your hands on one. The hype still has not died, as it remains one of the most sought after jerkbaits of all time.

There are a couple reasons this jerkbait made such a splash as it entered the United States market. The biggest being that it catches fish consistently. You can catch anything in the lake that swims on this bait, all the way from bluegill to striped bass. This jerkbait is such a great bait due to a few revolutionary innovations that set it apart from what was available at the time of its release. It’s also referred to as the Ito Vision 110, Vision 110 or just the 110 because its 110 number has become so synonymous among jerkbait anglers with quality and catching bass. 

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The main reason this jerkbait has been such an amazing fish catcher over the years is due to its erratic action. This bait was designed with extremely light components, allowing for a sharp darting action when twitched. The combination of light hooks, split rings and a thin bill allow this bait to shoot from side to side closely mimicking an injured baitfish. 

This bait comes stock with three light wire Megabass Katsuage out-barb trebble hooks. These hooks are extremely light and excel in creating great hookup percentages in open water. The outer barb of these hooks mixed with a small diameter makes for great hook penetration even when fish just nip at the back treble hook. These hooks also allow the bait to suspend perfectly which is crucial when fishing for sluggish bass in cold water. 

This bait was also designed with a short thin bill which helps aid its erratic action. This lure was designed specifically for open water. Which is why they were able to implement such a thin bill. I have had a couple instances where the bill of my Megabass 110 snapped off. However, this occurred because the lure was not designed to come through cover or bang against rocks. Instead it was designed to achieve the best possible action in open water. 


Another attribute that makes this bait so effective is its weight transfer system. You are able to cast this bait a mile thanks to Megabass’s patented weight transfer system. This system consists of a ball that shoots back into the tail during the cast giving your lure more momentum as well as a further casting distance. This weight then slides back into place in the belly after the first twitch of your rod, allowing the bait to run true without compromising its action. 

This system allows this bait to be far more effective by substantially increasing your casting distance. When fishing a jerkbait it is imperative to make long casts. This allows fish to follow your jerkbait for an extended amount of time without getting spooked by the boat. Wary fish have a tendency to follow this style bait for long distances before deciding to commit. This transfer system gives you the opportunity to lure fish into biting that you would otherwise spook away.


I have been fishing the Megabass Vision 110 for about as long as I’ve been throwing a jerkbait. I have caught nearly every species of freshwater fish on this bait, including some trophy-sized largemouth. Throughout my years of fishing this bait I have noticed a few scenarios where this bait really shines. 

One scenario where this bait truly excels is fishing for suspended fish in open water. This bait has a ton of drawing power, allowing you to call fish to your lure from as far as 30-feet depending on water clarity. This is a great lure for targeting these suspended fish roaming around chasing bait. Slowly twitching this bait over the fish’s head and then speeding up your retrieve as they approach is a great way to coax these bass into biting. 

Another situation where this bait really shines is fishing a shad spawn. Throwing this bait around sea-walls and floating docks is a great way to trick fish into biting when they are keyed in on shad. This baits erratic action and lifelike color-ways make it a great choice to imitate shad as they are spawning on shallow cover.

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When fishing the Megabass Vision 110, I prefer a shorter medium action rod with a high speed reel. Due to the light wire components on this bait, a lighter action rod is ideal when fishing this lure. The lighter rod action helps with preventing your hooks from bending out when fighting larger sized fish. My go-to rod for this setup is a Dobyns Champion XP 7-foot medium-light action.

For a reel, I prefer one with a faster gear ratio that allows me to pick up line quickly in between jerks. This is great for keeping up with your line while working a jerkbait at a fast speed. I also like a smaller reel since you are typically throwing this bait on light line and don’t need a giant spool. My go-to reel for this application is the Shimano Curado MGL 70 in the 8:1 gear ratio.

For line, I typically stick with anything between 8 and 12-pound fluorocarbon depending on my desired depth and the amount of cover present. When fishing this bait in deep water I typically use 8-pound line in order to decrease the amount of drag in my line due to the larger diameter. However, when fishing up or around heavy cover, I will typically use 12-pound test in order to keep my bait right under the surface and fish out of cover.

The Megabass Vision 110 has truly earned its title as one of the best open water jerk baits of all time. This baits erratic action and light wire components make it the perfect weapon to catch giant bass all over the country. If your looking to catch some trophy sized bass on a jerkbait this year, the Megabass Vision 110 is a great place to start. 

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