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MarCum Lithium Shuttle Review – Ice Fishing

There’s been a shift in ice fishing toward high-powered flasher and LCD fish finders. These units provide you better target separation and a more complete suite of technologies than the ice packs of yesteryear but consume more power.

MarCum Technologies developed the Lithium Shuttle to provide anglers extended battery life for MarCum fish finders as well as other electronics that use 9 to 12.6-volt batteries. The shuttle can be purchased as a standalone unit, paired with a variety of MarCum fish finders, or matched up with alternate brands such as Humminbird, Lowrance or Garmin.

Andy Walls of Thousand Lakes Sporting Goods gives us a good rundown on the features and benefits of the Lithium Shuttle. It’s not just its continuous run time of up to 40 hours. This device charges and powers peripheral devises such as phones and POV cameras via USB, has accessory attachment points and angler friendly design features like built-in rod holders and an integrated LED light for charging glow baits and lighting your fishing area.