Seaguar TactX Braid Giveaway

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Braided line has some huge advantages for toughness and putting the iron to shallow fish in heavy cover. It is also exceptional for buzzbaits and walking baits on top. Long casts, tough as nails durability, and no stretch for exceptional hookups is the key for utilizing braid. For us, it is the best option, period, for any bait tossed on top.

It is also great for power shotting teamed with Seaguar fluoro leader around brushpiles and heavy cover. Versatile and powerful! Seaguar TactX is an exceptional offering for all applications where braid is the choice.

For this giveaway we worked with Brian Evans at Seaguar for the best option. He suggested the following for each winner: Each winner will receive a 150-yard spool of 30lb, 50lb, and 65lb TactX braid. Plus each winner will receive a killer Seaguar hat.

Five winners. This giveaway ends July 16th. Good luck.

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