Why Hook Size Matters when Rigging Soft Plastics

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Bassmaster Classic champion Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson sits down to talk about not only lure selection but why choosing the right sized and shape hook for the soft plastic you choose matters. Things like bite, wire gauge, size and more can matter when it comes to hooking fish, making your bait look very lifelike and landing bigger fish.

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Gussy has had a ton of success with rigging plastics on jig heads and weightless hooks as well. He’s probably made more money on a Z-Man Jerk ShadZ and a Northland Smeltinator Head than any other combination and he talks about why having super sharp Gamakatsu hooks matters to him. But then also the right size for the bait for the most realistic look and action on the bait. And then also having the right wire guage for the technique and your rod and reel combo and line size.

He runs us through jig heads, drop shot hooks, treble hooks, hook sizes, his personal choices for various techniques and more. Some really great tips here on how to rig baits better with the right hook.