Uncovering Hidden Bass Spots in Grass with Electronics

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Wired2fish connected with Chris Zaldain for a lesson on finding the most productive bass fishing spots in weed beds. Zaldain shows us how to use advanced fish finder technologies — mapping, side imaging, 360 sonar, and live sonar to locate juicy spots like holes in the grass, hard-bottom patches, and more.


Zaldain emphasizes the importance of finding the holes in the grass as their magnets for feeding fish (prime ambush edges). Venturing away from the shoreline, he underscores the value of fishing electronics. He explains how he uses LakeMaster VX mapping features, such as adjusting water levels to the depth highlight function to quickly read and interpret structures before scanning with sonar.

He then uses side imaging to distinguish between hard and soft bottom areas, locating the edges of cover and dropping waypoints on side imaging before taking to the bow. Invisible to the naked eye, Zaldain finds some deep bluegill beds, which are bass magnets, especially near grass beds.

If you’re a bass fishing enthusiast looking to up your game, this video is for you. And don’t be disappointed if you don’t have all the technology. Use what you have to its potential and apply an analytical approach to breaking down offshore grass and finding the best spots.