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Bluegill Fishing Using Advanced Fish Finder Technology

Advanced fish finder technology gives you the confidence to know you’re fishing productive areas, even for species such as bluegill sunfish. Nick Dumke puts one of Wired2fish’s flagship filming boats to work in pursuit of bluegills. He uses technology such as side imaging, forward-facing sonar, 360 sonar, and waypoint share to quickly locate and catch loads of bluegills off of bluegill beds.

Leveraging Technology to Find Bluegills

While shallow-water bluegill colonies can be commonly seen with the naked eye, deeper colonies usually go unnoticed, thus unpressured. Nick Dumke breaks down his search process using Side Imaging to scan wide swaths of water for isolated bluegill colonies. He then takes to the bow after dropping waypoints on Side Imaging. Waypoint sharing across head units allows him to immediately orient his casts to “the juice,” which is further enhanced through MEGA 360 Imaging and MEGA Live.

Fishing with Drop Shot and Leech

While there’s a myriad of ways to catch bluegills, the drop shot rig ranks among the best for bluegill fishing thanks to precision casting and depth control. Dumke shares insightful tips on modifying the drop shot, such as adjusting your leader to the conditions and bait options. The bottom line is that a drop shot and leech combination excels due to its ability to maintain the bait in one spot for longer, perfect for deeper bluegill colonies.

Bluegill Conservation

In an appeal for sustainable fishing, Dumke stresses the importance of bluegill selective harvest and catch and release of larger, mature bluegills. He emphasizes the value of preserving the genetics of these fish, ensuring thriving bluegill populations for future fishing expeditions.
Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice to bluegill fishing, this video provides invaluable insights, expert tips, and a riveting journey into the modern world of bluegill fishing.

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