Twitch Baits for Bass in Clear Lakes | Kayak Mission

Dive into a backwoods fishing adventure with Wired2fish staff member McKeon Roberts as he navigates the crystal-clear waters of a secluded lake using an electric-powered kayak (check out our Old Town Sportsman Auto Pilot 136 Kayak Review). Add fishing for hard-fighting smallmouth bass with twitch baits and you have one exhilarating early season bite! *Gear links at the bottom.

In spring, smallmouth bass tend to scatter across extensive shallow flats, making hard baits like jerkbaits and twitch baits an excellent choice for covering water. With their bigger body profile, twitch baits are an excellent alternative to jerkbaits. While they tend to be overlooked in freshwater, twitch baits boast two significant advantages over many lures: 1) they can be cast long distances and 2) worked slowly due to their suspending attribute. This combination makes twitch baits particularly effective for locating and enticing smallmouth bass in these conditions. When fishing in clear waters, McKeon prefers bright and flashy baits. These eye-catching lures are easily visible from a distance and trigger the aggressive instincts of smallmouth bass. 

McKeon prefers a shorter medium-light power rod to further enhance his twitch bait technique, allowing for better control and versatility when working the bait at different angles. A smooth drag system on a spinning reel is essential for keeping fish hooked during their powerful runs, especially when using lures with treble hooks. Roberts opts for a braided main line paired with a fluorocarbon leader. This combination improves casting distance while reducing line visibility in clear water.

By employing twitch baits and following McKeon’s expert guidance, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of spring smallmouth bass fishing from a kayak. Check out our Kayak Fishing Channel for more exciting kayak fishing content. 

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