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How to Fish Twitch Baits for Bass | Jerkbait Alternative

A twitch bait has quickly become an ideal jerkbait substitute for Wired2fish’s Ryan DeChaine. In this video, DeChaine explains why twitch baits can excel in shallow water applications during the post-spawn period and into the summer months.


DeChaine first caught on to the power of a twitch bait after seeing their inshore capabilities, targeting snook, redfish, and other saltwater species. The ability to “free-form” the bait and work it in a variety of different ways is what sets this lure apart from a jerkbait. The broader profile of a twitch bait also mimics bigger-bodied forage such as small bluegill and crappie.

DeChaine opts to throw louder colored twitch baits for the sole fact of being able to see his bait at all times. He feels that bright, obnoxious colors not only let you have complete control of your bait at all times but can also call fish to you from greater distances. Couple this with your average 7’1” medium power rod, a fast reel, and 14-pound fluorocarbon, and get to catching fish on a bait that most people simply overlook.