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Kayak Bass Fishing Untapped Lakes – Jerkbait Blitz!

Few of us get ready access to untapped fisheries, but fishing kayaks can make this a regular thing if you’re up for the adventure. Wired2Fish’s McKeon Roberts discovers an epic bite for big smallmouth bass using jerkbaits on a new lake. He demonstrates how he finds the best fishing spots using side imaging rigged on his trolling motor-equipped Old Town kayak and stays on the fish using Minn Kota’s GPS-enabled Spot-Lock technology.


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Roberts explains why a jerkbait is one of the best baits for covering water and how to fish them to trigger aggressive strikes from smallmouth bass. He shares a couple of his favorite smallmouth colors in the popular Megabass Vision 110 lineup and considerations for fishing jerkbaits on a spinning setup from a kayak.

The fishing of a lifetime likely exists a short distance from your home on an overlooked pond, lake, river or stream. Consider fishing these waters with a kayak. It’s a great way to social distance, get some exercise, and catch lots of big fish!