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Top 3 Buzzbait Trailers for Year-Round Success

Bass fishing buzzbaits can be outfitted with a myriad of different soft-plastic trailers. It can get a little complicated if you let it, but according to professional angler Jeremy Lawyer, the selection process can be much easier than you might think. Lawyer normally chooses between two primary profiles; the bulkier profile of the Zoom Horny Toad or the subtler Zoom Z-Swim. Both options have their place, according to him.

Earlier in the springtime, a swimbait might be your best option. With an abundance of small fry and other spawning baitfish infiltrating the shallows, this smaller option often best matches the proverbial hatch and allows your buzzbait to blend in best with the preferred prey. Clear water is also an excellent time to utilize this less intrusive profile.

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However, as the year progresses, Lawyer tends to rely more on the Zoom Horny Toad. Bass tend to eat bigger baits throughout this period, and frequent summer storms can result in dirtier water with calls for a bulkier profile bass can feel easier with their lateral lines. It’s also worth noting how well this particular bait skips underneath overhanging cover such as boat docks. In the summer heat, these bass will often tuck themselves as far underneath cover as possible to escape the intense heat, so it’s imperative to use a bait you can easily get to them.

When it gets really tough—the kind of tough that makes you want to quit—don’t give up. Lawyer believes a Zoom Fluke can be the equalizer in this situation. If you notice yourself getting a lot of swirls from short-striking bass in especially tough conditions, the muted action of the Zoom Fluke can elicit commitments from otherwise wary bass.

Braided line is also a necessity for many anglers when it comes to buzzbait fishing for bass. The low-stretch properties allow for rock-solid hooksets even around thick cover. The issue can be, however, that this type of line is notorious for losing its color over time. Normally colored green, black, or blue out of the package, it’s not uncommon for it to fade over time. To combat this issue, Lawyer actually uses a Sharpie marker to add color back to his braided line to regain that much-needed stealth in shallow water.

Lawyer also circles back around to his preferred soft-plastic buzzbait trailer colors. While it doesn’t need to become incredibly complicated, he does note the importance of cloud cover. Brighter colors get the nod more often under cloudy skies, and more natural colors are preferred in sunny conditions and clearer water. If you find yourself in dirtier water, he strongly suggests using a darker, larger-profile bait such as a black-colored Horny Toad.