4 Buzzbait Tweaks That Catch More Bass | Tournament-Proven

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Now here are some excellent buzzbait modifications sure to increase your success with this exciting topwater bass bait. Buzzbaits are Brandon Cobb’s favorite lure for catching big bass around the country. He’s been an avid buzzbait connoisseur and tinkerer from a young age and shares his time-tested tweaks to improve skipping, sound, and hookup percentages. In short, you’ll get more bites and boat more bass.


  1. Remove the skirt and rig with a soft plastic toad. Cobb fishes buzzbaits with toads exclusively — the addition of profile and flash makes for a better trigger. Perhaps most importantly, skipping performance is vastly improved, so you can easily slide the buzzbait deep underneath docks and overhanging cover.
  2. Thread toads over the buzzbait head. If equipped, Cobb advises pinching down the keeper and pushing the toad up and over the buzzbait head. Doing so makes the bait more compact for skipping while reducing length for better hookups (less short strikes). He stresses the importance of threading the toad perfectly straight and shares a tip to do so perfectly every time.
  3. Modify the buzzbait blade. Cobb shows how to remove the blade, straighten the connection points to a 90-degree angle, and drill out the shaft holes. The larger gap between the buzzbait blade and arm shaft creates a louder clanking and squealing sound, a known trigger for bass.
  4. Lock the buzzbait arm clevis in place. Fixing the clevis in place creates a permanent flat surface by which the buzzbait blade rotates and further enhances the squealing sound that bass find irresistible. 

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