The Best Flipping and Pitching Rod Action for Braid

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Shallow water bass fishing expert Fletcher Shryock shares his favorite flipping and pitching rod setups when using braided lines. Drawing on his extensive experience, Shryock presents invaluable insight into choosing the best rod action for flipping and pitching in various fishing environments.

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Shryock introduces his standard, go-to flipping stick—a 7’6″ heavy power rod with a more moderate action. This versatile all-arounder shines in diverse situations, from fishing docks and rocks to laydowns and bushes. Whether punching mats or fishing rocks, Shryock prefers flipping and pitching with a braided line. He helped develop the Favorite Fishing Balance series of casting rods, which are designed to work exceptionally well with braid, either straight or braid paired to a fluorocarbon leader.

An essential point Shryock emphasizes is the need for a softer flipping rod when using braid. Due to braid’s zero-stretch attributes, having a rod with a more moderate action reduces line breaks, minimizes tearing in the fish’s mouth, and enhances control once the fish is brought up to the boat.

Throughout the video, Shryock’s central message is clear: starting with a softer rod for flipping and pitching will yield better results in the long run. This approach, he assures, helps ensure more successful catches and minimizes the steep learning curve associated with flipping and pitching techniques.