Top 3 Power Fishing Combos | SixGill Setups

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Pro bass angler Fred Roumbanis shares his top 3 favorite SixGill casting rod setups when power fishing with moving baits. He categorizes these rods as early spring through fall rod setups that work well for a range of techniques that require enough backbone for casting and hook setting yet don’t impede on bait action.

  1. Swimbaits and Small Alabama Rigs: Roumbanis reaches for the Fenrir 7’6″ medium-heavy rod when targeting bass on weedless swimbaits and swim jigs. The Fenrir blank offers the right rod tip flex, and backbone blend to deliver natural lure action and powerful hook sets. It also fishes smaller Alabama rigs well when paired with a fast casting reel and 20-pound fluorocarbon line.
  2. Frog Fishing: when it comes to frog fishing, the Anura 7’5″ heavy action rod has an ideal length and action. Its long handle provides the leverage needed to pull fish from heavy cover. Roumbanis pairs it with a 7.0:1 Hamarr casting reel spooled with a 50-pound braided line. The Anura has enough rod tip to make “walking the dog” easy. 
  3. Buzzbait Fishing: Roumbanis uses the Cypress 7′ medium power rod to fish buzzbaits and techniques that benefit from excellent casting accuracy. The action is ideal for hitting tight spots that require casting accuracy, while its softer action improves hooking percentages while reducing fatigue during a long day of casting. Roumbanis spools up with a 50-pound braid.