Sight Fishing Bass with Weightless Flukes

Wired2fish intern and collegiate bass fishing hammer Nick Dumke demonstrates a highly effective technique for catching bass using a weightless fluke, aka soft jerkbait. Filmed in a shallow pocket loaded with bluegills, shiner minnows and bass, Dumke showcases the simplicity and success of fluke fishing when fish get up in the dirt.

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While there’s a plethora of ways to rig a fluke, Dumke employs a #2 VMC Neko hook and pairs it with a 3-inch junior fluke. By threading the bait onto the hook and ensuring it’s straight, the fluke imitates the hundreds of small bluegills and minnows in this pocket. With sparser grass, Dumke opts to have the hook point exit from the bottom, allowing the fluke to sit perfectly in the water, mirroring the natural movement of baitfish. Go with a Texas-rigged weightless fluke if there’s a lot of cover.


For his fluke fishing setup, Dumke recommends using an 8- to 10-pound leader due to the close-quarters nature of the shallow water. He mates it to a 10-pound braided main line, which provides visibility during long casts. To complete the setup, he suggests a 7’1” medium-light rod, enabling accurate casts and close-quarter combat when necessary.


Throughout the video, viewers witness the success of this technique firsthand, as bass after bass aggressively hit the weightless fluke. The explosive strikes and the bait’s versatility in shallow water make it suitable for both novice and experienced anglers. Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast just starting out or a seasoned angler, fluke fishing is guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable fishing experience.

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