How to Texas Rig the Yamamoto Yamatanuki

Fred Roumbanis demonstrates the effectiveness and versatility of Texas-rigging the innovative Yamamoto Yamatanuki bait. Designed to mimic a variety of underwater creatures, this soft bait offers a unique, yet natural presentation that has quickly proven itself for bass throughout the country.

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In this video, Roumbanis showcases the unique features of the Yamatanuki and how to fish it on a weightless Texas rig. The Yamatanuki’s distinctive shimmying tail action mimics various underwater prey, such as baitfish, bluegill, and crawfish, maaking it the perfect lure for fishing a range of aquatic habitats.

As Fred demonstrates, the Texas rig technique allows for versatile and effective fishing with the Yamatanuki. Whether you’re flipping it into holes or jigging it back along the bottom, this bait presents a natural and enticing target for fish. With a simple twitch, the Yamatanuki darts back and forth, imitating the movements of crawfish with surprising realism.

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