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Tips for Fluke Fishing Bass on Grass Flats

Few bass baits provide the sheer versatility and fish-catching ability of a soft jerkbait. Fluke-style plastics like the ZOOM Super Fluke make the top of the list; Wired2Fish’s Kyle Peterson demonstrates why in this action-packed video covering how to catch bass on the bank and scatted along extensive glass flats.

Warming and high water have sent droves of bass into the grassy shallows where Kyle is able to work a weedless Texas-rigged soft jerkbait with ease. Beyond fishing clean, the plastic imitates a myriad of baitfish, making it a stealthy imitator that kids to seasoned pros alike can catch largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass on.

Peterson shares the details of his rod, reel and line setup, as well as his favorite color for the situation. He also hits on some other excellent Fluke rigging tips such as a proven treble hook line-through option as well as the double fluke rig (aka donkey rig).