Seth Feider Bassmaster Angler of the Year Tells All

Join the conversation with Seth Feider, one of bass fishing’s rising stars and the reining 2021 Bassmaster Angler of the Year Champion. Feider chronicles his tournament season, highlighting a return to the bank with an assortment of basic, proven baits that produced key fish event after event, while sophisticated competitors like Patrick Walters (neck and neck with Feider) leveraged Live Imaging to the hilt. It was old school pitted against new school bass fishing. *Key baits listing at the bottom.

Feider shares some interesting insights along the way, such as why the bank offers more flexibility than offshore patterns, how a simplified tackle assortment can outperform endless tackle and hot trends, and why you need to be a good fisherman without the use of electronics. And if you’re new to bass fishing, be sure to stick around to the end; Feider hammers down on the need for aspiring anglers to get away from the info share and FIND YOUR OWN FISH through hard work (time on the water).

In the end, fishing is hunting, and success in each endeavor requires instinct. Feider stresses putting your eyes and ears to work with some fundamental tactics — do so and you’ll have a solid base from which to build yourself into a highly skilled and adaptable angler. 



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