How Longer Spinning Rods Boost Performance with Finesse Baits

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So what’s the ideal spinning rod length for finesse applications? For pro bass angler Cody Hahner, the trend is toward longer for the simple fact that it increases casting distance. Citing heavy and more competent fishing pressure, Hahner explains when and how spinning setups in the 7’6” to 7’10” range improve success with finesse lures such as swimbaits, spybaits, and hair jigs.


For Hahner, length equates to leverage, which can add upwards of 20-feet to your cast with light baits. In turn, extra casting distance helps you achieve greater running depth and overall retrieve length, both big pluses with the popular moving baits mentioned above.

Of course, a high-quality long-cast spinning reel spooled with a light braid and fluorocarbon leader are critical components to the setup. Hahner advises using braid in the 8- to 10-pound range while challenging you to go lighter than an 8-pound fluorocarbon leader — a small diameter line helps keep your bait deeper in the water column throughout the retrieve.