12 Tips to Master Bass Fishing Grass with Seth Feider

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Pro bass fisherman Seth Feider dives into a comprehensive tutorial on how to find and catch largemouth bass on grass lakes all over the United States and Canada. His tactics are pertinent whether your local weed type is hydrilla, milfoil, coontail, pondweed or cabbage. *See product links at the bottom.


Seth starts by discussing how to find key spots when the lake is grass-filled. He details what to look for using the naked eye and your graphs help to find the densest clumps, hard bottom patches, and areas of depth change. The challenge then becomes thoroughly dissecting the cover – fish too fast, you’re at risk of missing schools of bass. Seth explains how making short, close-spaced pitches will get you bit more than long casts with space in between.

Lastly, he shares his top bait preferences for the situation and why having at least a few setups on the deck will get you more bites.