Revamp Your Spinnerbaits | Skirt Customizing Tips

John Martin of TrueSouth Custom Lures shares his expertise in customizing spinnerbait skirts, a valuable skill for any angler that fishes skirted baits such as jigs and ChatterBaits. This video provides an easy-to-follow process for anglers looking to replace old skirts with customized ones. Doing so helps you match your spinnerbait to different forage types while presenting the bass with a unique color scheme. Be sure to check out our Best Spinnerbaits roundup for some excellent options.

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Much like making your own jig skirts, Martin introduces the concept of spinnerbait customization, stressing how anglers can build spinnerbaits from scratch or modify existing ones. He highlights the ease of finding components online and the benefit of changing spinnerbait colors to match specific fishing environments.


The choice of skirt colors is crucial in spinnerbait customization. Martin discusses base colors like shad, white, baitfish, blue glimmer, and accent colors to enhance the bait’s appeal. He demonstrates creating a spinnerbait ideal for murky water, focusing on a chartreuse and white skirt combination.


Martin showcases how to assemble and trim spinnerbait skirts for a more effective, staggered look. He highlights the importance of skirt length variation, adding that a tailored skirt can significantly improve a spinnerbait’s performance, especially in cold, murky waters.


Addressing the common issue of worn-out spinnerbaits, Martin guides viewers on rejuvenating their old favorites. He demonstrates how to replace old skirts and experiment with different colors and patterns, like adding a blue glimmer or subtle purple, to create more visually appealing and effective lures.


Martin points out the necessity of quality materials and tools for spinnerbait customization. He encourages anglers to experiment with various color combinations and patterns, underscoring that the possibilities are limitless.


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